Train Yourself to Expect the Best

Can you expect the best, even in the worst? Can you expect the best all the time? Is it possible to retrain yourself from a “glass half empty” mindset to a “glass half full” mindset?

Yes, it is.

I lived through incredible tragedy, my husband’s addiction and a seizure disorder, but I found a way to expect the best…even in the worst.

I’ve used these methods to find hope and help in tough times, and to create the life of my dreams in good times.

What has expecting the best given me? A vacation to Maui, a highly successful trip to a writing conference pitching my book RISE AGAIN, the best doctors and care in tough times, and so much more.

If you’re seeking mastery in personal development, I dare you to try these simple techniques to improve your life and create the life beyond your wildest dreams. For me, expecting the best has been my key to success!

Leave a comment below telling me how you plan to try “expecting the best” this week!

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