11212779_10153340473319113_4425297987442353630_nI’m a writer, a Mother to 4, and a survivor of…just about everything. In 2011, I wrote a piece called Grim Reaper Girl that went viral, sharing how empathy saved my life after a string of 12 deaths had left me feeling like death followed me everywhere.

Over the next few years, the slew of tragedy continued at a relentless pace. In total, we lost 21 people in 5 years. We moved 4 times. We lost a baby, our home, my daughter’s best friend, and then…oh yeah, there’s this, My Most Amazing Story Yet

But, my story is not a pity-party-table-for-one-please (although I think those are great sometimes, too, and necessary). My story is one of triumph in tragedy. Little triumphs – many, many little triumphs, that came slowly and carefully while I learned how to fight for my life, my joy and my love.

I have written myself through grief upon grief, and brought myself back to life again and again. I am still doing it now, and along the way, I’m sharing my journey, because I have become a self-certified Heal-Thyself Specialist (it’s a fancy title, I know, I earned it with 14 years at the school of hard knocks. Did you get a degree from there, too?!).

I’m here to tell you, I see you, I get you, I’ve been through it, too, and here’s how we pick ourselves up and keep moving forward again and again, with our broken, open hearts.  I’m here to remind you how to open when you’re closed, to soften when you feel yourself turn hard like callouses. I’m here to encourage you to dare greatly, even when vulnerability makes you quake in your boots. I’m here to urge you forward into unfolding again and again to love and possibility.

And, I’m also here to remind myself, and YOU, not to take ourselves or this thing called life too seriously!

I’m so grateful you’re on this journey with me, because every time you speak to me, you heal a bit of me, and I hope I heal a bit of you, too.

Connection is the answer to just about everything, isn’t it?


new do copy2Megan is a Writer, Public Speaker, Publicist, and Media Consultant, who writes to every corner of the world.

She has appeared on AZTV’s AM Arizona several times promoting Sedona, AZ and her dreams. She is known for her inspirational blog, “A Writer’s Journey Inside Out.”

After a devastating string of twenty deaths in four years, Megan now uses her personal experiences of healing and hope to inspire others. She explores difficult topics with vulnerability, honesty, and warmth, leaving readers and audiences with inspiration and practical, functional tools for growth and healing.

She a Contributing Author to YourTribute.com and to www.OpenToHope.com. She is also an Editor for one of the world’s leading news websites, Topix.com.

Megan is known as the host of “Out & About with Megan” on Channel 16 in Sedona, AZ which aired over two-dozen episodes. In her time at the TV station, she co-produced dozens upon dozens of commercials, videos and online video content with Bruce Fraser from Sedona Videos.

She is currently completing her memoir, Rise Again, the story of how being “The Grim Reaper Girl” gave her the courage to finally uncover the truth about her husband’s deadly painkiller addiction, ask him to leave, and eventually, despite unimaginable betrayal, forgive him.

It’s 3 a.m. and the kids are sleeping, but Megan Aronson lies awake watching her husband, Kory, breathe, and not breathe, counting the seconds between his breaths: 1,2, 3, then 30, 50. Will this be the night this addiction finally kills him, she wonders? She looks at her life, finally seeing through the lie everyone else believes. The lie that they are a perfect, happy family – handsome, generous husband; loving, stay-at-home Mom; three beautiful babies. Megan knows the truth, that she hasn’t wanted to see herself. Kory is an addict. And, the addiction has taken him over now; she must grow courage before the next breath. But, how does a girl who’s labeled herself “The Grim Reaper Girl” grow courage again, when all her free time has been spent at death beds and funerals, writing obituaries and moratoriums?

When she finally finds the courage to seek the truth, she sees the unimaginable: her husband shooting up, through the bathroom window. Hours later, after a decade of failed interventions, she asks him to leave. Now, she is alone with three children, left to recover their lives from the affects of his addiction – ransacking her home for drugs, filing Protection Orders, and police reports, uncovering massive hidden debt and lies, and planning a divorce, while trying to protect and comfort her children.

Fifty-five days later, she is an entirely different woman, who meets her husband again for the first time in court. Prepared for a battle, she arrives armed with evidence of his shortcomings. But, the moment she sees his eyes again, she recognizes the man she fell in love with again, sober forty-some days now. She hates him, she loves him. Can she ever forgive him? Maybe, losing so many people has taught her how to forgive, but not forget.

Told with electrifying honesty and suspense, Rise Again is an unlikely story of forgiveness and redemption that speaks to an ever-growing epidemic of opiate abuse in America that affects families everywhere. But, it’s not just a story about addiction – its about love, overcoming unimaginable betrayal and hurt, and the power of the human spirit to turn tragedy to triumph; to overcome, and rise again. 

More of this story here: My Most Amazing Story Yet – Part 3

Read more about her story here: Grim Reaper Girl – Part 1.

Megan is available for Public Speaking engagements, private speaking functions, and hosts a variety of on-going classes & workshops. If you are interested in scheduling an event please email her directly at Megan.Aronson23@gmail.com.



8 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Megan! I just read your entire “About” info. What an honor for you to like one of my blogging tips post. Thanks!

    You have a pretty inspiring blog here. Cheers to your book and your brave journey!

    • What an honor to have YOU here! Thanks so much for coming by and hearing more about who I am! I got a lot out of your post – so glad you followed me over here and hope you’ll stick around for the ride. So happy to connect with you!

  2. Wow, your story moved me. You have got a great heart and such a fantastic energy, Megan. God sent you here with purpose and beauty, and I am excited for all he has in store for you with the strength he has built up. Whether you believe in God, the universe, Buddha, Jesus, John Lennon, or Prada, I send you good, positive vibes! 🙂

    • You have no idea how much your words and your story have touched me today Ina. THANK YOU so much! I feel honored to walk on the same road with you and you are exactly the person I wrote this all for. ♡

      • I’m glad, Megan! I think we were meant to find each other and be a source of support, though miles away. There’s so much that people do not realize about being a supporter and enabler. Our recovering loved one gets lots of support and gets an escape to be a better person while we are left at home, broken and trying to figure out the missing pieces. Who is our cheerleader? When do we get our retreat? When do we get to feel whole and validated again and told “I understand I wronged you and don’t deserve your trust, but I’m going to work every day to build it back.” Or is that too Hollywood?

      • Ina, we are truly kindred spirits. Reading your words, it’s like reading my own thoughts. I spent years saying the same things. Where’s my support group? Where are my cheerleaders? When do I get a 90 day retreat? I don’t think it’s too Hollywood to hope for that validation. You did go through SO much, and you deserve a recovery period as well. So take it. Whether anyone rolls the red carpet out for you, or not. Just take it. We are only just beginning to understand how living with an addict/alcoholic changed us, affected our behaviors, our coping mechanisms, our attitudes, and our entire lives. In some ways, it’s a gift, though, if you can see it as such, to have an opportunity to have such self-awareness that you can dig deep and try to detangle the threads of who you are, and who you are not.

        I kind of put myself through my own 12-step program to give myself the support my husband was getting and that helped a great deal. Recently, I’ve finally made the jump to reaching out to receive the same support for myself and for the first time, I finally feel understood, validated, and supported in mind-boggling ways. I had done a lot of work on my own, but there’s really something to be said for sitting in a room full of people going through the same experiences. It’s powerful in a way I could never have imagined before I joined in. It’s how I feel just writing to you! You get me!!! I hope you feel the same, and I truly mean it when I say, please find me on Facebook, and stay connected here, and reach out anytime you need someone to understand EXACTLY how you feel and what you’re going through. It would be a great source of healing and hope to be able to support you in any small way on your journey. Thank you again for making my WEEK by being here. ❤

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