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IMG_8113 copy PPI am a writer, in every way possible. I eat, breathe, and sleep on books. I wake up every morning at 5 a.m. to write, and fall asleep with a stack of books by my bed. The library is my second home – my most favorite place in the world.

I’ve written in every way possible since I was three, and now I’m working on my forthcoming memoir, the first in a potential series, Rise Again: The Grim Reaper Girl Chronicles. 


Rise Again: The Grim Reaper Girl Chronicles

My current work-in-progress, in it’s final stages of revision and editing, including invaluable criticism from the writing critique group I’ve attended weekly for the last year and a half. My mentor and Facilitator of the group taught Creative Writing in New York for 25 years. Her input has been invaluable in shaping this book.


Rise Again is the story of how being “The Grim Reaper Girl” gave her the courage to finally uncover the truth about her husband’s deadly painkiller addiction, ask him to leave, and eventually, despite unimaginable betrayal, forgive him.

It’s 3 a.m. and the kids are sleeping, but Megan Aronson lies awake watching her husband, Kory, breathe, and not breathe, counting the seconds between his breaths: 1,2, 3, then 30, 50. Will this be the night this addiction finally kills him, she wonders? She looks at her life, finally seeing through the lie everyone else believes. The lie that they are a perfect, happy family – handsome, generous husband; loving, stay-at-home Mom; three beautiful babies. Megan knows the truth, that she hasn’t wanted to see herself. Kory is an addict. And, the addiction has taken him over now; she must grow courage before the next breath. 

When she finally finds the courage to seek the truth, she sees the unimaginable: her husband shooting up, through the bathroom window. Hours later, after a decade of failed interventions, she asks him to leave. Now, she is alone with three children, left to recover their lives from the affects of his addiction – ransacking her home for drugs, filing Protection Orders, and police reports, uncovering massive hidden debt and lies, and planning a divorce, while trying to protect and comfort her children.

Fifty-five days later, she is an entirely different woman, who meets her husband again for the first time in court. Prepared for a battle, she arrives armed with evidence of his shortcomings. But, the moment she sees his eyes again, she recognizes the man she fell in love with again, sober forty-some days now. She hates him, she loves him. Can she ever forgive him? Maybe, losing so many people has taught her how to forgive, but not forget.

Told with electrifying honesty and suspense, Rise Again is an unlikely story of forgiveness and redemption that speaks to an ever-growing epidemic of opiate abuse in America that affects families everywhere. But, it’s not just a story about addiction – its about love, overcoming unimaginable betrayal and hurt, and the power of the human spirit to turn tragedy to triumph; to overcome, and rise again. 

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More to Come

IMG_20171003_185646Writing has saved my life through the Grim Reaper Girl years of so much loss and death. I started my first book while we were in the midst of the initial 12 deaths and wrote about what it was like to lose everything in the recession, including my career as a TV Host. Writing that book helped me heal from our miscarriage, the death of our daughter’s best friend who was only five, and the deaths of so many loved ones to cancer. What I learned is that these life-defining moments break us open again and again, and we can choose to feel empty, ripped of everything, stripped down, or we can choose to see that emptiness as a blank slate. One that makes us ask ourselves, “What do I really want to do next?”

That book, still in progress, will be filled with stories of how I found the most incredible experiences of love and truth sitting at death beds, standing at the altars of memorial services, and laying by the graves of my loved ones. It’s a story that will make you feel like you can survive anything – that the greatest wisdom and love can be found in the most soul-crushing moments of life.

About Megan

Untitled designMegan is a Writer, Speaker and Blogger. You can also find her on her YouTube Channel, Instagram and Facebook.

In May 2017, Megan shared her 9-minute talk, “I Don’t Need Help” at Sedona’s This Is My Brave. This Is My Brave is a show that travels the world recruiting locals in each city to share their stories of overcoming mental health challenges. The video of the talk has been viewed nearly 3,000 times on Facebook and YouTube, and on October 13th, she will open the 3rd Annual Mental Health Summit at Cliff Castle Casino with this dramatic recount of her story.

Megan is also a Contributing Author to grief websites YourTribute.com and www.OpenToHope.com.

In her previous life as the host of “Out & About with Megan,” she had the chance to meet and interview celebrities like Ed Asner (he flirted!), Rick Schroeder (I flirted!), Lainie Kazaan (the Greek Mama from My Big Fat Greek Wedding!), Nick Nolte (yes, he is kind of crazy even in person), and James Redfield (The Celestine Prophecy). In her time at the TV station, she co-produced dozens upon dozens of commercials, videos and online video content.

She has appeared on AZTV’s AM Arizona several times promoting Sedona, AZ and her previous blog, “Parenting Alive.”

Megan has also worked in public relations, marketing, advertising and sales, promoting local businesses through ad campaigns, press releases, and social media.

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