Grim Reaper Girl

IMG_20170917_112014I nicknamed myself The Grim Reaper Girl after death #12 out of 25 deaths in 8 years. I used to feel like a leper in my grief – no one understood the “sad girl,” no one knew what to say to her pain. Then, I started opening up to the world and sharing my journey back to joy, again and again through grief, postpartum depression, PNES seizures and my husband’s addiction.

Now, I have a community of amazing people (YOU!) who wait for me to rise again after every fall, every death, every seizure, and share the life wisdom I’ve found through another challenge.

Together, we’ve built a community of people who live wholeheartedly, own their stories and struggles, and strive to use what we’re given to give others hope. Currently, I’m learning to live with a seizure disorder while writing my forthcoming memoir – the story of how “The Grim Reaper Girl” and her husband saved our marriage in the aftermath of addiction.

More on Why I’m the Grim Reaper Girl


I recently decided to reclaim this title I gave myself, and will use it in my forthcoming memoirs, blog, YouTube, etc. I see it as an honor now to be The Grim Reaper Girl, because I’ve been blessed to see so much love from where I stand. 


When the world said, “Don’t cry,” I wept. 
When the world said, “Be strong!” I said, “I am, I am so strong for allowing myself to grieve, instead of numbing or stuffing the pain.” 
When the world said, “Move on,” I said, “When I’m ready, and not a moment sooner. I’m not ‘dwelling’, I’m healing. Healing takes time…with any wound.'” 
When the world said, “Soldier on!” I said, “Warriors do battle in their hearts, too. Not just on the field.” I won’t “soldier” if “soldier” means to deny everything I am, everything I feel, everything I have loved and lost that has made me WHO I AM.

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