The Reviews Are In! Mindful Mamas “Life-Changing!”

Last Summer, a little seed of a dream was planted in me, to take what I have learned through 4 years of soul-searching & abundant growth in the midst of supreme tragedy, & turn it into something I could use to benefit others. My greatest heart's desire I've been slowly hatching is to teach & … Continue reading The Reviews Are In! Mindful Mamas “Life-Changing!”

You Win…A New Car! (Really!)

This week, I’ve been rolling down a rowdy river of abundance, and so I decided it was time to stop and take roll call on the gratefulness gravy train, and pay it sharing it with you. Please excuse me, because I think I’m about to start sounding like an overzealous car salesman here. I … Continue reading You Win…A New Car! (Really!)

And The World Spins Madly On…

This is a true story that was shared with me recently. I have omitted last names to respect the family's privacy, and re-written  to the best of my memory in the stunning of hearing such a moving story.  Cathy's husband Gary was one of our twelve. The twelve deaths in three years, I mean. He … Continue reading And The World Spins Madly On…

This Year I Gave Time for Christmas

"Guest Perspective" Published in the Sedona Red Rock News 1-11-12 This year, I knew we weren’t going to have a spend-crazy Christmas. My husband and I worked out a modest budget, and decided it was best spent on making the holiday memorable for our kids which meant no gifts for the other forty-two family members. … Continue reading This Year I Gave Time for Christmas