To the Boy Who Crashed His Car Today

There was a boy on the side of the road today on his knees, his hands in his hair, desperation and shame on his face. His car sat before him, smashed and mangled, gnarled into itself. I only saw his eyes for a moment as I passed, yet still they haunted me. I wanted to … Continue reading To the Boy Who Crashed His Car Today

The Reviews Are In! Mindful Mamas “Life-Changing!”

Last Summer, a little seed of a dream was planted in me, to take what I have learned through 4 years of soul-searching & abundant growth in the midst of supreme tragedy, & turn it into something I could use to benefit others. My greatest heart's desire I've been slowly hatching is to teach & … Continue reading The Reviews Are In! Mindful Mamas “Life-Changing!”

“Expect the Worst” – Good Advice?

News of a family member’s unexpected illness last week sent me into temporary panic waves resembling those of the Indonesian tsunami of ’04. I have to say, I am getting pretty dang sick of my Mom calling, with that hushed tone and the words, “I have news.” (And she’s probably pretty sick of it, too!) … Continue reading “Expect the Worst” – Good Advice?

You Win…A New Car! (Really!)

This week, I’ve been rolling down a rowdy river of abundance, and so I decided it was time to stop and take roll call on the gratefulness gravy train, and pay it sharing it with you. Please excuse me, because I think I’m about to start sounding like an overzealous car salesman here. I … Continue reading You Win…A New Car! (Really!)