The Answer to Everything Is…

It's been a hard week here. It started out with calling 911 on Sunday because the baby was choking on something she picked up off the floor. It took a visit to the ER and several panicky hours to figure out she had a small piece of thick plastic lodged in her throat that the … Continue reading The Answer to Everything Is…


The Safeway Story: Be a Miracle

Do you believe in miracles & magic? Do you believe that without any doing of your own, an opportunity can be put in your path, a promotion can come your way unexpectedly, or a simple, kind gesture from a stranger can completely transform your day? I believe in miracles, because I have seen they happen … Continue reading The Safeway Story: Be a Miracle

Half-Dead Or Alive

Tragedy can turn you into stone - it can make you fold up your wings and hide within their warm embrace. It's a choice, and one that requires more courage than can possibly be put into words, to unfold your wings again, when they've been clipped, wounded, torched and tormented, time after time. It has … Continue reading Half-Dead Or Alive

You Are Now Entering the “Spring” of Your Life

This morning, I was watering my rose bushes that have been a little neglected the last few weeks. They were starting to look a little brown and dingy, so I had to pay attention to them. As I was hosing them down, I started aiming the spray at the dead leaves to help them fall … Continue reading You Are Now Entering the “Spring” of Your Life